How To Maintain an Irrigation System

An irrigation system can keep your landscaping in Kissimmee, FL, healthy and beautiful, but a malfunctioning system can cause major problems. Fortunately, routine irrigation maintenance can keep your system running smoothly.

Potential Problems

If your lawn sprinklers are working properly, the only problem you may have is envious neighbors. However, there are a variety of ways an irrigation system can malfunction:

Leaky valves
Damaged pipes
Sprinkler flooding
Out-of-place sprinkler heads
Improper watering schedule

Any of these problems can damage your lawn and potentially increase your water bill. Fortunately, a regular maintenance schedule can minimize the likelihood of any difficulties.

Irrigation Maintenance

Many business owners ignore their sprinkler systems until they notice a problem. To make sure your irrigation system is working its best, perform a basic inspection once a month.

Start by closing the valves and checking for leaks. If you see any water seeping out from a sprinkler head while the valve is closed, have that valve repaired. After you make sure there are no leaks, re-open the valves. While the sprinkler system is running, watch the spray patterns. Check that all the sprinkler heads are spraying the right amounts of water in the right locations. Adjust the positions of any heads that have been moved by foot traffic or wildlife.

Examine above-ground pipes for leaks or damage and repair as needed. Finally, adjust the watering schedule based on plant maturity and local weather patterns. Depending on your area, you may need to do this once a season or once a month.

The monthly inspection should catch problems before they become major issues, but a more in-depth annual checkup is a good idea. Irrigation professionals can examine the system’s water use and overall performance to see if there are any issues missed in the monthly walk-throughs. Additionally, they can discuss potential improvements with business owners. Technology is always advancing, and it may be possible to upgrade to a more efficient system.

An irrigation system can keep your business property looking its best for customers, but malfunctions can be costly. Fortunately, routine irrigation maintenance can prevent most problems, and yearly inspections ensure top performance.