A Quick Overview of Water Damage

If you own a commercial property in Central Florida, you need to have a strategy for dealing with water damage. A comprehensive plan includes preventative measures as well as methods for dealing with a significant water event should one occur. Successfully handling a water pipe repair or a flood can save your company thousands of dollars, increase the safety of your employees and customers and limit a disruption to your business. Water finding its way into a building usually happens from the following sources:

A failed roofing system
An inadequate plumbing system
A flood event

Avoiding a major problem in the first place is the preferred option. That’s where prevention pays off.

Effective Preventative Measures

Regular maintenance goes a long way toward shoring up your roof and your plumbing system. An annual inspection of the roof will identify potential problems and lead to timely repairs. The same is true of plumbing. A timely water pipe repair can prevent hundreds of gallons of water from inundating a section of your business. A broken pipe opens up the possibility of unleashing contaminated water that requires a complex cleanup. While not all floods can be avoided, measures such as clearing drains, establishing water retention ponds and fixing foundation cracks can limit the impact of a flooded landscape around your building.

Proven Restoration Principles

If your company does experience a water disaster, the services of a professional water restoration team can make a big difference. The team will be on site fast, and will begin to remove any standing water from the building with powerful wet vacuums. Trained technicians will work safely and efficiently to protect the structural integrity of your building as well as safeguard electrical and computer systems. The latter stages of a cleanup include thoroughly drying out materials and replacing any items that are beyond saving. The right team can handle anything from a water pipe repair to a major flood.