Fire First Aid Kit

Among a business owner’s greatest fears is a fire and fire damage. Downtime, interrupted revenue, destroyed equipment and records all contribute to financial losses as well as other concerns. When it comes to workplace fires, employee safety should be top of mind. Every business owner should follow Winter Park, FL, fire codes, locate fire extinguishers within easy reach and ensure employees are trained in fire safety procedures and burn first aid.

First aid is the initial, critical step in properly caring for a colleague injured by flames, electricity, smoke or chemicals. A list of medically recommended burn treatments such as the following should be posted prominently in your place of business for quick reference in a fire emergency.

First Aid: Minor Burns

For first-degree burns, generally only basic treatment is required:

Cool the wound under running water (cool, not cold) or apply a wet compress.
Take off tight or restrictive items of clothing.
Avoid breaking blisters, which protect against infection.
Apply a salve (aloe vera) or lotion once the burn has cooled.
Loosely wrap the burn with sterile gauze.
Administer an over-the-counter pain reliever.

First Aid: Major Burns
For major fire damage, professional medical treatment is necessary. However, it is important to keep a burned employee secure and safe until emergency personnel arrive by following these steps:

Make certain the person is breathing and perform CPR if necessary.
Take off restrictive items (jewelry, ties, belts) near the burned areas.
Cover the burn with a cool, moist cloth.
Avoid saturating the burn with water; hypothermia can result.
Raise the wounded area above heart level, if possible.
Note signs of shock (shallow breathing, pale complexion, fainting).

Commercial fires are traumatic. Once you know that your employees are safe and your attention returns to the business of business, it’s to your advantage to consider professional cleanup and restoration services. Experienced technicians with the right expertise and equipment can help repair fire damage and return your operations to normal as quickly and fully as possible.