Five Common Culprits of Commercial Water Damage

From a broken pipe to an appliance causing flooding, staying on top of maintenance is key to avowing water damage to your Orlando, FL, property. While you can count on a water damage mitigation and restoration company to complete the water repair, below are five key culprits to keep an eye on to avoid trouble. 1. Foundation Issues
Even the smallest crack provides an inlet for water to start seeping in. Ensuring that gutters are cleaned helps ensure that water flows away from the foundation. After a rain, check around the foundation for any signs of standing water.
2. Broken Pipe
While not always detectable until happens, a burst pipe has the potential to unleash a lot of water into your property. Typically, this happens when freezing temperatures cause the pressure in pipes to change. Consider having your pipes inspected by a plumber and add insulation to keep them from freezing.
3. Damaged Roof
A slow roof leak may easily turn into a big problem. While not always instantly noticeable, it will eventually lead to mold, ceiling damage and more if it goes unchecked. An annual roof inspection should be completed by a professional to check for potential areas of concern.
4. Malfunctioning HVAC
While having the right working environment is important, the HVAC system puts in a lot of work. Over time, it may lead to clogs or wear down. When that happens, the condensation reservoirs may begin to steadily overflow. Regularly check for condensation issues and call a professional if there are any signs of water around the unit.
5. Leaking Sprinkler System
A property outfitted with a fire sprinkler system has peace of mind that the flames will be extinguished quickly. Unfortunately, it is another system that needs regular inspection. An accidental trigger or slow leak not only deters from it doing its job but also means dealing with water issues.
Being proactive is essential to avoiding a broken pipe or other malfunction that leads to water damage. Knowing the top culprits makes it easier to stay on top of maintenance.