Category Three Water Damage

Your sewer pipe backed up and now you have a very smelly flood in the basement of your building in Orlando, FL. What should you do? Flood damage restoration experts agree that this type of emergency requires professional cleanup.

Categories of Flood Water

There are three categories of flooding:
· Category 1 involves clear water, which is clean
· Category 2 is gray water, which comes from a tub or a washing machine
· Category 3 involves black water, which contains sewage

This last category is the most severe and damaging type of flood because the contaminants in the water are toxic. If cleaning isn’t done properly, your building can develop severe problems such as black mold.

Category Three Cleanup

Get help fast. With any flood, time is of the essence. Hire expert help as quickly as possible; flood damage will continue to spread until the water is removed.
Select sewage cleanup experts. You need a restoration service that is trained to handle black water damage. A professional cleanup crew will significantly mitigate black water flood damage to the property.

Process of Water Damage Restoration

The first step in any flood is to determine the source of the water and to stop the leakage. Once the water is no longer flowing, the goal is to pump as much of the water out of the building as possible. Contaminated water requires special handling, so leave this to the professionals.

After the water has been siphoned off, your restoration team will bring in equipment to dry out the structural materials and contents of the building. They will draw moisture from wallboard, wood floors, carpeting, and furniture. 

Once the drying process is complete, they will determine what needs to be restored or replaced.

When you experience a black water flood, you need experts to help you remove the contaminated water, dry the building, and determine the extent of the flood damage. Their expertise will ensure that your building is restored to its pre-flood state.