Preparing for an Insurance Adjuster’s Visit

When water damage happens to your home in Lakeland, FL, it often occurs without warning. It can also be extensive enough that you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance company. Part of filing a claim is preparing for a visit from your home insurance adjuster.

Make a List of What You Should Know

When you file your insurance claim, you’ll need to know:

Whether your policy covers the damage
Your deductible amount
Whether your claim exceeds the deductible
How long it will take to process your claim
Whether you need to obtain repair estimates

Use this list to make you consider everything you may need to provide for the adjuster.

Make Any Necessary Immediate Repairs

To prevent further damage or to keep your home livable, you may need to make some repairs immediately. At this point, only temporary repairs should be made. Because minor fixes are part of your total settlement, avoid spending too much on them as may cut into your budget for permanent repairs. If possible, take photos or videos of the damage before work begins.

Keep Your Receipts

If you need to move out of your home temporarily until All American Water Restoration is able to complete the repair work, keep all receipts and records of living expenses, such as hotel bills. Such expenses should be covered under your policy if you experience an insured disaster.

Take Note of Damages Before the Visit

When the home insurance adjuster comes to your home to assess the damage, he or she will need some information from you. Make an inventory of all destroyed and damaged items to provide to the adjuster. If you made temporary repairs, keep replaced items for the adjuster to inspect. Provide any photos or videos. Point out all structural damage. Give the adjuster copies of any bids or estimates you have obtained.

Once your home insurance adjuster has completed the inspection, your claim can proceed. Soon. you’ll be on your way to getting your home back to normal.