Don’t Forget the Crawlspace After a Flood

Whether your Orlando, FL is in a flood zone or an unexpected home flood occurs, the visible water shouldn’t be your only concern. Although traces of moisture can be expected in the dark crawlspace, that can also build up if isn’t properly sealed or constructed. Ignoring that easily forgotten area can lead to long-lasting effects.
Signs of a Flooded Crawlspace

Whether it was severe storm damage or a pipe burst, excessive water likes to follow gravity’s path down. If the crawlspace is not inspected, the signs of damage will quickly make themselves known.

The wetness can wick up, potentially rotting wooden subfloors and joists.
If the area remains damp and humidity levels rise, it creates an ideal environment for mold growth.
Unnoticed standing water can begin to welcome other bacteria and emit foul odors.
Saturated fiberglass insulations will lose its ability to properly work.
The added water source may attract insects and pests.

Proper Cleanup

Whenever you experience a home flood, an inspection of the whole house is needed. If you find water in the crawlspace, immediately start the drying-out process. Since it can be difficult to extract water and set up commercial dehumidifiers and fans, it may be worth contacting a restoration company to ensure the area is properly dried, cleaned and restored to prevent another occurrence. There are an array of methods available to shore up the area and keep it from maintaining excess water. This may include:

Installing airtight doors and vent covers
Adding a new drainage system, such as a sump pump, floor drain mats or perimeter drain system
Covering walls with a vapor barrier
Including a sump pump liner with a water alarm that alerts when waters rise

When a home flood occurs, it can a chaotic experience. Ensure that even the hidden areas of the home are inspected to ensure the flooding doesn’t cause additional damage.