Leading Causes of House Fires

Every 24 seconds, a fire department somewhere in the United States responds to a fire, according to the National Fire Protection Association. The top five fire causes all originate in or around the home, with a home fire occurring every 87 seconds. To protect yourself, your family and your residence in Orlando, FL, from the devastating effects of fire damage and the expense of fire cleaning and restoration services, here are some fire safety insights into the leading causes of home fires (2014-2018).

1. Cooking

Unattended cooking was the key factor in igniting cooking fires and causing burns, scalds and more serious casualties.

2. Candles

On average, 21 home candle fires were reported each day, resulting in almost $280 million in property damage. Sixty percent of the fires started when furniture, mattresses, bedding, curtains or decorations were too close to a burning candle. Notably, in 16% of the fires, the candles were unattended.

3. Fireworks

Although only 9% of fireworks fires were structure fires, they comprised almost all of the fire deaths, 74% of fire injuries and 45% of fire property damage.

4. Grills

The number one cause for grill fires was grills located on an exterior balcony or porch; 44% of property damage resulted from fires started there. Twenty-nine percent of fires stemmed from uncleaned grills. Eighty-four percent of grills were fueled by gas; 12% used charcoal or another solid fuel.

5. Hot Work (2013-2017 data)

Forty-three percent of hot work fires occurred in or on houses. Welding torches topped the list of equipment involved in fires. Their chief locations were home wall assemblies or concealed spaces (16%), bathrooms (13%) and exterior roof surfaces (12%).

By adhering to fire safety rules, the chances of a home fire can be significantly reduced. Safeguard your home today by practicing common sense measures to avoid the steep cost and personal trauma of fire damage.