How to Construct a Business Continuity Plan

When disaster strikes a business in Orlando, FL having an emergency response plan can help guide employees to take fast action that ensures their safety. However, the plan doesn’t ensure the business keeps functioning. So everyone knows how to continue to perform their essential duties during the restoration phase, build a business continuity plan. This will ensure employees continue to work and profits continue to come in.
It will take a committee to work together to ensure each department is involved and the best solutions are reached. There are several steps to building a business continuity plan.

1. Analyze the Impact to Business

Depending on the size of your business, you could meet to discuss how each department would be impacted by a disaster. If your company is large, it might be easier to have completed questionnaires. Get input from each department on how that department could continue to function if temporarily relocated or each member had to perform their duties from home.

Be sure to include how the disaster will be corrected, and whose services you will utilize for cleanup and restoration. Always use certified and trained specialists who utilize best practices and techniques.

2. Develop Your Plan

Your plan should include a relocation strategy and how each department will continue to function within this strategy. From the analysis on business impact, you should have gathered ideas on workouts and your plan sets those workarounds in place. Your plan should also assign a recovery team who will work toward ensuring a smooth transition back into the facility once the disaster cleanup has been completed.

3. Conduct Training

Train team members on the procedures for implementing the business continuity plan. This will ensure they know their role in transitioning to the plan in order to keep operations running.

A business continuity plan can’t be built in one day and it needs everyone’s buy-in. Having a business continuity plan that everyone understands will ensure the continued success of your business should a disaster occur.

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