The Surprising Silver Lining of Water Damage

Water damage is such a devastating event in the life of any family. We’ve seen homeowner’s lives turned over because of the catastrophic nature of a water damage event. Add layers of frustration with insurance companies and adjusters and it’s an accomplishment for any homeowner to make it out the other side with their sanity intact.

Of course, our role at All American Water Restoration is to remove the stress and take those blows for the homeowner, acting as a shield to bear that burden and diminish the stress of the situation.

And, that’s how we think about water damage often: it’s a bad situation that needs to be mitigated.

And, there is truth to this. But, at All American Water Restoration we’ve seen another side of water damage. Yes, we’ve seen families brought to their knees, but then we’ve also seen those same families come out the other side in a better situation, with greater stability and a higher quality of life.

What’s happening here?

Well, the old saying goes, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

This of course is a well worn saying, perhaps even trite. But, there’s a real message here. In the midst of what appears to be a bad situation there often lies some greater good, you just have to look for it.

An Opportunity.

At All American Water Restoration, we’ve realized that a water damage event can be an opportunity for a family to live in the home they’ve always wished they could afford.

When mold accumulates to the point of removal and reconstruction, or water damage ravages kitchen and bathroom spaces, the necessary next step is to remove and reconstruct. All the damaged material is properly disposed of and what is left is a blank canvas.

And here lies the opportunity. An initial crushing (our home is wrecked by water and mold) led to an eventual dream (perhaps I’ll purchase this month’s copy of Architectural Design while in line to pay for my groceries).  

At All American we’ve seen this; homeowners go online and to Instagram for inspiration, looking at kitchens, looking at bathroom options. They find themselves, not the victims of some disastrous event — though this is still true — but rather adventurers with the luxury and opportunity to make something new for themselves.

Quality Products.

And so it goes, our team has worked to help countless families through this exact situation; leading and guiding Dad’s and Mom’s through initial panic to hopefulness.

We have relationships with quality brands that provide a high standard of product that also look good and match all current trends and designs, think brands like Matrix, DuraSupreme, Ideal, and JSI.

If your particular taste is edged toward mid-century modern, we have cabinet options for you. If it’s more edged to country-classic, we also have cabinet options for you. In fact, think of a design, we have options to meet your taste.

The Final Word.

And so, if you would allow me, if you find yourself in a situation where water or mold has wreaked tremendous havoc in your home, remember the simple reminder of a lemon and make yourself a tasty glass of lemonade. And you’ll find that things are just alright after all.