The Process of Restoring a Painting Damaged By Mold

Mold Damage Removal in Orlando, FL

A painting in a home is susceptible to mold damage for several reasons. For starters, paintings are often on surfaces such as paper, canvas or wood that mold spores can grow on. Secondly, even valuable paintings end up in basements and attics where high humidity could be present. Finally, many paintings are old, which means at some point they may come in contact with mold growth. The good news is though mold cleaning of paintings is something of a fine art, it is often achievable. A professional mold mitigation franchise in Orlando, FL will have techniques at its disposal to restore the painting to fine condition again.

Mold Remediation of Paintings

Delicate materials such as paintings require special techniques for dealing with water and mold damage. A professional company with highly-trained technicians has the ability to use the following cleaning methods:

Dry cleaning
Wet cleaning
Spray and wipe
Foam cleaning
Abrasive cleaning
Immersion cleaning

A certified technician will determine which method works best for each situation. For paintings, extra attention needs to be paid to the paint itself and also to the surface the image is painted on. Depending upon the situation, the restoration might involve taking the painting to another facility with additional resources.

Mitigation of Other Sensitive Materials

Mold can attack many items in a home. An experienced mitigation company can handle the complicated issue of electronics affected by mold or water damage. The best course of action with electronics is to deal with the situation promptly to prevent corrosion and shock hazards. Technicians also have best practices for restoring sensitive documents and photographs. Techniques used for reducing mold damage to paper documents include air drying, dehumidification, freezer drying, vacuum freezer drying and vacuum thermal drying. Pretesting of items sometimes helps the technicians identify objects that are good candidates for restoration. In some cases, the item cannot be saved and will need to be replaced.