Steps of the Fire Mitigation Process

Fire Restoration Services in Winter Park, FL

When you own commercial property in Winter Park, FL many things can happen to your building. Storm damage, flooding and fire can all wreak havoc on the structure and everything inside. If a fire breaks out, fire restoration experts follow a procedure to make sure the damage is repaired, the building is free of soot and smoke damage and the structure is rebuilt.

1. Assess Damage

The first thing cleanup specialists have to do is figure out all the work that needs to be done. They inspect the building, not only around the obviously burned area but also throughout the building to any area smoke or soot damage could have happened due to airflow.

2. Extract Water

It takes a lot of water to put out a fire. Therefore, the excess water must be pumped out of the building before cleanup can begin. It’s important that the building is dried out quickly to avoid mold growth and other secondary damage.

3. Remove Materials

A fire can cause smoke damage to walls, ceilings, floors and items in the building. Anything that is damaged must be taken out of the building, including drywall and insulation.

4. Clean Area

Everything touched by fire or smoke must be thoroughly disinfected. Smoke gets everywhere during a fire, so technicians have to use special equipment to allow smoke cleaning detergent to reach into the crevices where the soot is hiding.

5. Rebuild Structure

After cleanup is finished, the restoration process begins. Walls must be rebuilt, and new flooring must be installed. Professionals may have to repaint or touch up the area where the fire occurred to make it match the rest of the environment.

Smoke damage in your commercial building is not a problem you want to ignore. Enlisting the help of certified cleanup experts ensures that the damage is mitigated quickly and thoroughly, leaving your building clean and soot-free.

All American Water Restoration provides immediate assistance after fire damage. From restoration to remodel, we can help get your property back to pre-loss conditions.