Should You Worry About the Water in Your Crawl Space?

Many people believe a wet crawl space is a common issue. This is because they consider the floor of their crawl space, or the ground, to be moist. However, having water in your crawl space is not good and should be addressed promptly.

Water in Your Crawl Space Is Bad

There are a few ways most people end up with wet crawl space issues. These include a plumbing leak, seepage from the soil after flooding, or condensation formed on your ducts. While seeing puddles of water is a good sign you have a problem, you will likely not find out about your moisture issue this easily. Water vapor is what causes issues, including rot, energy loss, mold, and pests. These issues can spread to other parts of your home. Therefore, if you notice water in your crawl space, it is time to call a professional remediation company.

It Can Lead to Major Problems

Puddles of water, mold, and rot may be obvious, but other major problems can also occur. These can impact you and your home. They include:

Higher energy bills

Fix It by Fixing the Source of Water

To fix your wet crawl space, you need to determine the moisture’s source. There are a few typical issues you will want to check. One of the most common is surface water that enters your crawl space because of grading issues, roof drainage issues, overflowing gutters, or leaking windows to your basement.

If none of these seem to be causing your issues, groundwater could be a problem. After heavy rain or a snowstorm, the ground may become overly saturated. This can lead to water finding its way into your crawl space.

Whether you have experienced a flood recently or have a surface water problem, it is never good to have a damp crawl space. To avoid the problems associated with moisture, you should find the water source and fix it as soon as possible.