Reasons To Hire Certified Mold Experts

Many organizations, such as the EPA and OSHA, set safety guidelines for commercial property. If your building in Orlando, FL, has a mold problem, you need to hire a cleanup crew that is certified by the IICRC. The IICRC determines mold standards and the methods necessary to fully mitigate the problem. There are several reasons you should make sure your mold remediation company hires only certified technicians.

Documented Expertise

Most companies will vouch for their employees. When technicians are certified, however, you don’t have to depend on their employer’s word. They have the documents to prove that they have undergone a rigorous training process:

IICRC-approved coursework
Hands-on experience
Acceptable score on certification test
Ongoing education on new technologies and techniques

Companies know how important mold clean certification is to their customers. Make sure to ask about their requirements for employees when you are deciding which company to hire.

Better Materials

Customers aren’t the only ones who prefer to work with certified remediation experts. Business partners that supply the necessary building materials for restoration, such as drywall, insulation, carpeting and tile prefer to work with restoration companies that adhere to mold standards. A wider choice of materials allows the restoration company get a better deal on higher quality materials, which it can then pass on to its customers.

Solid Insurance

Certified technicians are more likely to be insured. Providers seek ways to lower their risks and thus may not insure workers who can’t prove they know what they’re doing. This insurance can cover damage done while they’re working to get rid of the black mold in your building. It doesn’t just protect the technicians; it protects you as well.

The IICRC sets mold standards for the mitigation industry. Hiring a company that adheres to these standards by only hiring certified technicians has many benefits. Choose a company with better training, better equipment and access to better materials. Choose All American Water Restoration!

All American Water Restoration has the skilled team to take care of any size of severity mold issue.