How To Stop a Toilet That Leaks With Every Flush

A leaking toilet may damage the flooring or subflooring in a bathroom. There are several reasons why a toilet may leak around the base. Learn how to stop a bathroom leak that occurs when a toilet is flushed.

Common Reasons a Toilet May Leak When Flushed

Leaks caused by flushing tend to occur around the base of the toilet. One of the following components may be the culprit.

• Wax gasket seal
• Closet flange
• Tank-to-bowl gasket (spud washer)
• Shutoff valve
• Flush mechanism
• Tank bolts

A faulty wax gasket is the most common cause of toilet leaks that occur after flushing.

Replacing a Wax Gasket

A wax gasket creates a water-tight barrier between a toilet and drainage system. This seal can deteriorate over time and cause a leaking toilet. Turn off the water at the shutoff valve and drain water from the bowl and tank. Disconnect the water supply tube, loosen the compression nut on the shutoff valve, and pry the caps off the closet bolts. Use a wrench to remove the nuts.

Grab the rim of the bowl and rock the toilet to break the remaining wax seal. Lift and move the toilet away from its usual position and rest it on a blanket or cardboard. Use a putty knife to scrape off the old wax gasket and check to make sure the closet flange is not cracked or bent. If it is, this may be the source of the leak, and you will need to replace the flange or fill in a gap with a curved metal repair strap. Center a new wax gasket on the flange and re-install the toilet.

Professional Repairs and Restoration

This repair may be complicated depending on the cause of a leaking toilet. If you experience a major bathroom leak in your home in Orlando, FL, contact a plumber and a water damage restoration service.