How To Repair Multiple Flooded Floors in Your Commercial Building

If your Orlando, FL, commercial building’s toilets overflow, the results can affect more than one floor. When the flooding is extreme due to sewer damage and occurs on a higher floor, it can damage the levels below in ways that you may not be aware of. Learning the steps for cleanup may help you resolve this problem quickly so you can continue on with the normal operation of your business.

Identify the Source

A toilet flood can have a variety of causes and its severity depends on its source, including:

Sewer backup
Outdoor flooding due to storms
Toilet clogs

Because sewer water often contains feces and other toxic runoff, try to avoid touching it or allowing your employees to handle the cleanup. You may also want to call the sewage company and alert them.

Shut Off the Water

When a flooded toilet and sewer damage cause major problems on more than one floor, you may be able to stem the flood by shutting off your building’s water. Make sure the area is safe before you enter it, and wear gloves and boots if you must enter any standing water. If you are unsure of where the water shutoff valve is, contact your local water company for assistance with locating it.

Call in a Restoration Company

A sewer cleanup and restoration company can help you take the steps you need to reopen your business after a sewer flood. Flood technicians can advise you on removing damaged building materials like drywall and wet sections of ceiling that may cause foul water to drip down into the floor below it. Technicians also offer disinfection and sanitation solutions, as a flood that originates from a toilet can leave behind an unpleasant aroma.

When a toilet flood affects more than one floor of your Orlando, FL, business, cleaning up after sewer damage can seem like a daunting task. Knowing who to call in and how to handle such a flood may help you avoid major damage that could permanently affect your business.