Easy Ways To Clean Lint From Your Dryer

As adults, it’s the little things that often bring great pleasure. The ability to simply wash and dry clothes at will is one of those very times. However, with that convenience also comes responsibility. Lint fire is a possibility, especially if the traps are not cleaned out often or correctly. Should that happen, a fire restoration company would have to take care of the repairs, and you’ll be back to washing clothes at the nearest laundry mat. With that in mind, make the time to take the following three steps, keeping your dryer vents clean and avoiding unwanted flames.

1. Scrape and Dispose

The heat from the dryer could cause the lint to catch flames, creating fire damage. To minimize this chance, pull out the trap as you begin to run each cycle. Look it over. Scrape off anything that has accumulated, disposing of it in a safe place such as a trash can.

2. Vacuum and Clear

Lint fire happens quickly; therefore, proactive response is beneficial. Even though you’re removing what you can, some of it can get caught in the pipes and crevices. As you work with the trap, peek inside, checking for any fluff balls. If you see anything crammed in there, grab the nozzle of your vacuum. Suck up as much as possible. If the dryer continues to function poorly, you may also want to do this in the back of the unit also. Detach it from the wall, and examine inside the larger tube. Any fuzz should be removed.

3. Wash and Loosen

Clear the screen with water, reducing dust and residue. Another option is to grab a cleaning brush, using it to loosen any tough debris. Try to be consistent, and learn to make this a preventative dryer fire habit. The idea here is to prevent buildup.

Most people don’t think it could happen to them, but it can. Lint fire safeguards do exist. Homeowners in Kissimmee, FL can take measures to protect themselves.