Commercial Building Water Damage Cleanup Tips

A flooded company is bad news. A broken pipe can cause a lot of damage and may even require you close up shop. Freezing is one of the main causes of bursting pipes and flood damage to commercial facilities. But water damage can be caused by fires as well.

Damage From Firehose

A fire is a devastating experience that is often surrounded by frustration, concern and uncertainty. After a fire, your business may be damaged not only by flames and soot, but by water as well. Many times, extensive firehose use by firefighters results in a flooded company with wet floors and drenched walls.

Damage From Sprinkler System

Many commercial buildings are equipped with fire sprinkler systems. They consist of a sprinkler head and a small glass bulb in the middle. The glass bulb is heat sensitive. If the temperature rises high enough to shatter the glass, the sprinklers drench an area with consistent water. Fire damage can be overwhelming in itself, but sprinklers may also lead to water damage. Although this added level of damage is frustrating, these sprinklers can save a building from being consumed by fire.


The most efficient way to deal with a flooded company after a fire is to hire the professionals at All American Water Restoration. If you choose to attempt a cleanup on your own, here are the necessary steps.

• Extract the water.
• Remove any damaged contents.
• Dry out the building.
• Use dry cleaning for any smoke damaged fabric.
• Use preventative measures to ensure mold doesn’t grow in the damaged area.

When dealing with water damage after a fire, it is common to feel overwhelmed. Make sure to dry out any areas affected by water damage as soon as possible.  Water restoration companies can help reduce the stress associated with the disaster and get your business’s doors open sooner.