Can You Salvage Wet Building Materials After a Flood?

When water comes into your Central Florida home from a broken bike, sewer backup, foundation problems or anything else, your first thought should be about the safety of everyone inside. Then, you probably start worrying about the integrity of the structure and what you can repair or salvage. Swelling wood, for example, is a typical result of flooding. Luckily, you can use many of your building materials again once crews clean up the water.
Where’s the Damage
There’s a lot at stake when flood waters find their way into your house. Besides worrying about issues such as water pipe repair, there are a host of other areas of your property that may need attention from a flood restoration company. Some of these include:

Carpet and wood floors

When Wood Swells
Swelling wood indicates an excessive amount of water in building materials and other areas. When this occurs, professional crews will have to tear out and replace the items. This usually happens with swelling in the sub-floor and with kitchen cabinets. Fortunately, expert restoration companies have the skill and experience to help get your home back into shape in a timely manner so you can feel comfortable resuming your regular daily activities.
Wet Wood
Supply line problems are a common cause for flooding in homes and buildings. If this happens where you live, there’s a good chance that the drywall and areas of your home with wood will be wet. In many cases, crews can dry out and reuse the wood. The team will thoroughly sanitize the materials to reduce or even eliminate the risk of mold growth.
After water troubles, you don’t have to give up hope that wet and swelling wood in your home will require complete replacement. If you hire a skilled company, the professional technicians can salvage much of the wet materials.