5 Things To Avoid After Water Damage

Many homeowners know to shut off the water supply to a broken pipe and call a plumber to fix the problem. Here are five things that you should avoid doing after water causes damage in any part of your home.

1. Waiting To Report Damage

As soon as you see signs of water damage, call a cleanup and restoration company to report water in home. Waiting longer than a day can cause primary damage to worsen and set the stage for secondary damage, such as mold growth.

2. Failure to Mitigate Damage

A slow response will lead to more severe damage. Most homeowner’s insurance providers consider whether policyholders have taken every measure possible to limit damage when determining how much of a claim to cover.

3. Not Checking Building Materials

Whether water damage is caused by a broken pipe, sewer backup or flooding, damage mitigation and restoration experts should confirm that building materials are safe to leave intact. Porous materials such as drywall, ceilings or carpet may need to be removed and replaced following exposure to contaminated water.

4. Improper Damage Cleanup Procedures

It is helpful to rely on trained experts throughout the mitigation, cleanup and restoration process. Professionals can ensure that each stage is complete and prevent secondary damage from occurring, particularly after major damage.

5. Incomplete Drying of Damage

It is important to ensure that the affected area gets completely dry after extracting standing water and moisture. Failure to do so may lead to mold and other problems that are not covered by homeowners insurance.

Depending on the degree of damage to a residence in Florida, it may be necessary to arrange for water damage restoration by our team at All American Water Restoration. Taking quick action to mitigate and clean up damage is the best way to prevent serious primary and secondary damage due to a broken pipe or any source of contaminated water.