Containment barriers are used to control the airborne debris from escaping into surrounding areas that are not being worked on

In mold remediation, containment barriers are used to keep any airborne mold spores from cross-contaminating the other parts of the site during the removal process. Mold reproduces via spores that are released into the air. It requires moisture to survive, which can be found anywhere from bathrooms to your family’s carpet.

While containment barriers are not enough to safeguard the mold from cross-contaminating, it is highly recommended that you use HEPA filtration in conjunction with the containment barrier. A HEPA filter is used to create a negative air pressure to capture the released spores and filter clean air.

When containment barriers are used it lessens the clean-up process and ensures that dust and any other debris are kept within the work area.

Most companies do not utilize containment barriers which will cause additional clean-up of unrelated areas of the site and or mold cross-contamination.