Why Hire AAWR For Your Insurance Claim?

Dealing with homeowner’s insurance can lead to quite the headache, especially when you are already dealing with the damage and disruption to your home and everyday life. Did you know that you have the right to select your own contractor, and not be assigned one by your insurance company? Hiring All American Water Restoration, Inc. as your contractor means that we will help alleviate this hassle, as we assist in communication with the insurance company every step of the way. Despite regulating laws, the process can take weeks to process, and can sometimes be put on a back burner if not pursued frequently. As the age-old saying goes: The squeaky wheel gets the grease! We will be an advocate for you during the process to help get quick and accurate responses from your insurance company so that your life and home can be put back together as swiftly as possible.

Here are some of the ways that we ensure proper handling of your insurance claim:

–          Submit the contract, notifying the insurance company that we are working directly with you, the homeowner.

–          Meetings on site with insurance adjusters to ensure that you get the full replacement value in your claim.

–          Discuss the scope of work to be completed with explained justifications to ensure that even older materials are replaced at their current value to avoid any unfair or unnecessary out of pocket expenses.

–          Follow ups are done frequently and steadily to ensure proper handling and processing.

–          Keeping you informed for the entirety of the project & claim by providing a link with access to our internal network that is updated with notes and pictures constantly.

AAWR is a fully licensed and insured contractor, which is necessary to regain the full value from your insurance company!

In our next installment, we will explain details about what happens behind the scenes on your claim, giving you a look at the work that we put in to each and every claim.


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