Tips To Hiring The Right Contractor

contractor 3The state of Florida requires that contractors be licensed and insured. Do you know the right questions to ask to ensure you and your home are in good hands? Checking the validity of the contractor’s license and insurance, watching out for red flags and agreeing to a contract are all tips you need to know before hiring a contractor.

Ensuring a contractor is licensed and insured is easier than you may have thought. By visiting Florida’s State Division of Professional Regulation website,, you can insert a contractors state license number to ensure its validity, expiration date and if there are any complaints. To check a contractor’s insurance ask them to provide you with proof of Workmans Compensation and Liability Insurance.

Keeping your eye out for red flags can help keep you from experiencing issues that could have been avoided. Make sure the contractor you hire is professional, takes notes and takes your remediation seriously. Making promises in their sales pitch is a huge red flag. Make sure any guarantee they offer is backed by a company that offers a warranty. Any requests to work “off the books” or offering discounts for cash is also a red flag. Never use a contractor that will offer to use materials from another job site as those materials could be defective or stolen. Be wary if you are working with a company that is out of town, try to stay with a local, established company. If a contractor is pressuring you for a quick response for hire, trust your gut. Always ensure you trust and feel comfortable with your contractor and above all things, communication is key.

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