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Are You Prepared For A Hurricane? Part 2

   The next step to your preparation plan is to routinely check your home to make sure it is as safe as possible. In the event of a storm where you may need to evacuate knowing your house is as fool proof as you could have possibly made it could help you in the long run. Some quick tips for keeping your home ready for an upcoming storm are: • Clear your yard. Make sure there's nothing that could [...]
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Are you prepared for a Hurricane? Part 1

Last week, May 24th – May 30th, was National Hurricane Preparedness Week and we want to make sure you are prepared! Several preparations made ahead of time and practiced routinely could mean the difference between saved lives and a safe house. Since it only takes one storm to disrupt your life, taking precautions and having an evacuation plan are a high priority when living in a hurricane prone [...]
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The Heart of the Hurricane Season is Ahead

Have we had a quiet or typical start to our hurricane season? Thus far, we've had four named storms in the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season. None of them managed to become hurricanes, all succumbing either to land, dry air, or wind shear. However, the average date we see the first Atlantic hurricane is not until August 10, according to the 1966-2009 average calculated by the National Hurricane Center. Don't [...]
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