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  • Water Emergency Service, Containment & Restoration
    If you have a flood it is important to have a professional extract the water and do the dry out to minimize damage to your property. Most homeowners think of damage from water as something that occurs from floods and other natural disasters. Unfortunately, most damage is due to water from inside the home.
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  • Fire Damage Emergency Service, Containment & Restoration
    With quick intervention, many building materials that would otherwise require demolition can be preserved. One of the most devastating losses anyone can experience is a fire. When a fire occurs, heat and smoke can send carcinogens into the air and porous household items and building materials.
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  • Mold Damage Containment, Restoration, Testing & Prevention
    Toxic mold in your home can cause significant health concerns. Mold is a serious problem in the Florida climate. It does not necessarily need a wet saturated surface to grow when the average humidity is never below 60%.
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  • Leak Detection Service
    Water leaks can occur many places throughout your home that aren’t visible. All American Water Restoration uses our up-to-date equipment to detect any potential and existing leaks. No leak can hide from our combination of sonar and infrared technology. These technologies are non-destructive.
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  • Interior Restoration
    In many cases of water mold, and fire damage, it may be necessary to perform interior reconstruction and remodeling after the damaged materials have been removed. This may include installing new insulation, drywall and trim, flooring, cabinetry, and more. We offer packing and storage for your personal items during your restoration or remodel.
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  • Containment
    Containment barriers are used to control the air borne debris from escaping into surrounding areas that are not being worked on. In mold remediation containment barriers are used to keep any airborne mold spores from cross contaminating the other parts of the site during the removal process. Mold reproduces via spores that are released into the air. It requires moisture to survive, which can be found anywhere from bathrooms to your family’s carpet.
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