Renovating Floors Part 2: Wood/Laminate Surfaces

Do you have soaked wood floors?  Do you have bubbled laminate floors?  You must of had a leak of some sort, right?  Water Damage on a hardwood or laminate floor can be a calamitous sight.  Whether it happened due to  a leaky hose on a washing machine, a leak under your sink from a broken or leaky pipe, or even a water cooler that went bad and spilled the entire five gallons of water overnight without you realizing it – No homeowner wants to see a discolored, bubbled, or warped floor boards in your kitchen or bathroom.  Over time, wood and laminate floors can become worn with daily wear and tear, the varnish can lose its shine, and pets can cause scratches with their paws.  None of these, however, are worse than what water damage can do to your hardwood or laminate floors!


                                  How to identify water damage on your hardwood/laminate flooring:



                                                                               Act quickly if you have an accident!

Start by cleaning up the water or any other liquid(s) that has been spilled on the wood or laminate surfaces.If you see white stains or hazy type of stain on your wood floors, a personally tried and true method is to take care of it with some buffing, using automotive paste or even toothpaste.  Apply with a light cotton fabric.

Minor damage can be taken care of quickly and easily, but if you have severe water damage, the floors can become warped, or bubbled.  If you have severe water damage to your wood or laminate floors,  All American Water Restoration can come and help you with a free assessment.  Signs of mold growth on your wood flooring can be identified by cupping, popping, or cracking boards.  All American Water Restoration can take care of water damage , mold damage , and restoration of your wood and laminate floors.


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