Is your insurance policy in a safe place?


Purchasing home owners insurance is important for you and your home, however do you have such important documents in safe keeping? The correct storage of your insurance documents is vital to ensuring you have everything you need to get a claim started immediately after a loss. Storing a copy of your documents in an office or filing cabinet, while storing your original papers in a fire proof safe is a great start to keeping your official papers stored safely and readily available. Should your home encounter a loss, having your insurance coverage on the property will help you have the information right away to call your insurance company directly to help guide you through how to file a claim. Your paperwork should have the correct phone numbers, contact names and your policy number clearly stated, making the process run smoother than it would had you not had your documents handy. The coverage rights and responsibilities areas will also help guide you through the homeowner’s responsibilities, as well as the insurance agency’s responsibilities, helping you decipher who covers what.

With that being said, the insurance company will offer to assign a contractor to your loss, however you have the right to choose your own contractor. Choosing to hire All American Water Restoration, Inc. will help take the pressure of communicating with the insurance company off your shoulders. Once the loss is reported we assist in communicating to them directly on your behalf from start to finish. Our diligence will help speed up the claims process and have your loss settled sooner rather than later. AAWR is fully licensed and insured, which is necessary to regain the full value from your insurance company! Call us immediately, 877-204-7249 All American Water Restoration, and we will help get your life and home back on track.

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