Getting A Claim Approved: Behind The Scenes!

While going through an insurance claim for home damages, there are a lot of things taking place behind the scenes. We would like to share some insight as to how this is handled, and why AAWR is the best at what we do!

1)      We fax in the Contract, W-9, & Business License when the job begins, and start the follow up process immediately. We also send in Supporting Documentation, including:

  1. Risk & Progress Photos
  2. Notes Outlining Activity
  3. Moisture Readings/Drying Logs
  4. Equipment Information
  5. A link allowing online access to the constantly updated account on our internal system.

By sending in this detailed information promptly, we show justification of your claim and the work necessary to repair the damages.

2)      The mitigation estimate is composed when your job is complete, and submitted directly to your insurance company.

Estimates are written using the same software that many insurance adjusters use!

3)      After the estimate and all applicable documentation are sent (within 24-hours of completion), we will begin discussing your coverage with the outside and inside adjusters to make sure that you receive all coverage that is due to you. At this time, we also begin discussing the reconstruction coverage.

Remember – AAWR is a fully licensed and insured contractor, which is necessary to regain full value from your insurance company!

4)      We will field all questions concerning the services rendered to clarify all information with your adjuster.

AAWR has over 100+ years of combined extensive knowledge in this industry, which we bring to your side of the table during this process!

5)      We have a strict follow up policy! Rest assured that we will pursue the insurance company frequently to ensure swift processing, fair handling, and prompt payment.

We will make sure that they receive everything that is needed to process your claim from beginning to end.

6)      Despite these procedures, there can sometimes still be issues or delays processing claims. In this event, we will continue to be your advocate in pursuance.

Quick Overview – Steps of Payment

1)      Claim Approval

2)      Checks Issued

  1. These will be issued to you, AAWR, and/or your mortgage company.
  2. If your mortgage company is on your check, it will have to be processed and approved by them before payment can be remised to us.
  3. AAWR assists in the process of collecting from your mortgage company’s Loss/Draft Department.

3)      Check in hand, claim complete & paid!


Yet another benefit of hiring AAWR is that we will also do the reconstruction of your home. This is beneficial to you in many ways. Our information is already on file with your insurance company, and we have already been in contact with them concerning the mitigation/remediation. We are aware of what has already happened, and what needs to happen next. Since we have already been handling your loss claim, we begin to discuss and compose reconstruction estimates with your adjusters during the processing of your initial loss. This means that when the mitigation/remediation is complete, we can seamlessly transition into the restoration process!

Clearly, choosing All American Water Restoration, Inc. as your contractor is in your best interest! Call us as soon as possible!

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