Are You Prepared For A Hurricane? Part 2

hurricane 2   The next step to your preparation plan is to routinely check your home to make sure it is as safe as possible. In the event of a storm where you may need to evacuate knowing your house is as fool proof as you could have possibly made it could help you in the long run. Some quick tips for keeping your home ready for an upcoming storm are:

• Clear your yard. Make sure there’s nothing that could blow around during the storm and damage your home. Move bikes, lawn furniture, grills, propane tanks, and    building material inside or under shelter.
• Cover up windows and doors outside. Use storm shutters or nail pieces of plywood to the window frames to protect your windows. This can help keep you safe from pieces of shattered glass.
• Be ready to turn off your power. If you see flooding, downed power lines, or you have to leave your home, switch it off. Also, don’t forget to shut off natural gas.
• Fill clean water containers with drinking water in case you lose your water supply during the storm. You can also fill up your sinks and bathtubs with water for washing.
• Lower the thermostat in your refrigerator and freezer to the coolest possible temperature. If your power goes out, your food will stay fresh longer.

Check out the link below for a thorough check list of how to maintain your home and keep it hurricane ready!

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